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Outdoor Wall Art - Bring the Gallery Outside

Most of us use the words art and paintings interchangeably. When we thing about these creations, usually what comes to mind is of gallery's or where we can place these paintings inside our homes. For the outdoor areas what comes to mind is of sculptures or plaques. Outdoor wall art offers the same opportunities for you to decorate outdoors as you would indoors. You can have beautifully designed replicas of famous paintings right in your own back yard.

These outdoor wall paintings can safely be hung outdoors for year round enjoyment. They have a look of stretched canvas and it has UV inks that are printed directly on to the aluminum. The artwork wraps around the sides giving the picture an amazing three dimensional quality. The reproduction quality is so precise it is almost impossible to tell it is not a real canvas. The surface coating has been scientifically tested to with stand the harshest weather conditions. The canvas can be smooth or faux finish texture. Aluminum is a lightweight metal with a bright silvery luster. It is strong and resistant to the elements which make it perfect for outdoor use.

You can now be confidant decorating your decks, patios, pool areas and garden walls with outdoor wall art. It is resistant to fading, moisture, oxidation, peeling, freezing temperatures and UV rays. This is the perfect way to add character and color to your garden walls. It will add elegance and prestige of fine art to any outdoor setting.

One nice feature is that it requires very little maintenance. If any dirt or dust accumulates just wash with mild soap and this can be hosed off with water. Most paintings come with mounting brackets and fasteners. It secures virtually to any outdoor surface including brick, stucco, wood, stone or siding.

Outdoor wall art allows you to create an open air gallery as large as your imagination will allow, while adding another dimension to your garden area. This decor brings the gift of wonder back into your life and your surroundings.

Finding the right piece of art can be a daunting task. Here are a few of examples you should look for to complete your style of decor. If the rest of your decor is of an antique design, look for romanticism or impressionism. For a more traditional outdoor wall art try vintage or retro art. For contemporary or modern you can select art deco, pop art or abstract. Whichever style you are certain to find a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fulfill your needs.

By my pool area I have hung upon the walls a piece of art of a beach front scene. There are sea gulls flying around with the view of rushing waves. Whenever I am gazing at it I seem to be transported into total relaxation. Around my fence I have outdoor wall art of hummingbirds feeding, cardinals bathing and blue jays in flight. Last week I added a small picture of a fury mother and baby squirrel scampering up a tree with an acorn in the mom's mouth.

If you're seeking that special gift, this can also be your answer. I have a good friend that moved away and I had a piece of art custom made for her. From a photograph a company was able to replicate her family standing around her old house. To this day whenever we talk there is always a comment about that painting and how much it meant to her.

As you can see, your only limitation for this decor is your imagination. Become creative let loose and you will be inspired to keep adding more as your landscape becomes more unique and inspiring.


A Glance at Faux Finishing Techniques

Faux finishing is a popular painting technique for several reasons. First, it's an inexpensive way to update a room. Second, it's a DIY project that most homeowners can complete with little or no assistance.

Faux painting describes a wide range of decorative painting techniques that originally began as a way to replicate expensive material, such as marble, leather and wood. Today, faux painting has expanded to include many other decorative finishes.

Some of the most popular faux painting techniques include:

Marbleizing or Faux Marbling
This technique replicates marble. It is accomplished using plaster and glaze techniques. The technique uses oil paints and glazes. The oil paints and glazes allow it to dry slowly and create softly blended edges and colors. The marble veins are created by dragging the edge of a feather through the paint. Simultaneously, water drops splattered in the paint create the look of natural flaws in the stone. It's a simple process with a dramatic effect. Because it can look overwhelming in large areas, painting experts suggest applying marble faux finishing to small areas.

This technique is used to imitate exotic or hard-to-find wood varieties.

Color Wash
Color Washing is extremely popular as it has minimal restrictions. It is a free-form technique that incorporates the use of multiple hues of glaze blended together with a paint brush.

Rag Painting
This technique is a glazing technique. It uses twisted or bunched up rags to create a textural pattern. This technique is a favorite of beginner DIYers and for those on a tight budget as there are limited supplies necessary to purchase.

Additional Faux Painting Ideas

Brick Faux Finish
This technique is perfect for covering up imperfect or uneven walls. It will hide most imperfections on walls.

Leather Faux Finish
More time consuming than most faux finishing techniques as several coats are necessary. Additionally, several specialized tools are necessary for this technique.

Suede Faux Finish
Suede faux finish produces a beautiful finish. However, many homeowners note that it scratches easily as it is a soft and delicate finish.

Clouds Faux Finish
This cheery technique is great for a baby or child's bedroom.

Silk Faux Finish
This technique incorporates a tinted metallic glaze into the final finish. Be aware that this technique takes 3 days to apply as time is needed between coats to allow for complete drying.


Child Wall Mural - Imagination and Relaxation

I was going through my emails the other day and came across a message from one of my friends from California. Their names are Pete and Betty. They are a married couple from San Diego. They own a beautiful home overlooking the ocean. Pete is a business owner. He owns a landscaping company. Betty is an attorney and works for the county.

Pete and Betty have two young children. They are twins. Both of them are girls and I believe that they recently turned five years old.

I first met Pete and Betty when I was living in San Diego a few years ago. They happened to be members of the same health club as me. I would usually come across both of them doing laps in the health club swimming pool. After a short while they became good friends of me and my husband.

Anyway, I got an email from them a day or two ago. In the email they said that they were all doing good and had a new decorating project about to start in their home. They also said that they knew I was the only wall decor consultant that they knew personally and had wanted to get a good suggestion for their new decorating project.

From there they went on to say that the two young girls, at the age of five, are no longer babies. They have both grown into two young beautiful children. They went on to write that the decor of their bedrooms has been outgrown. The girls are no longer babies and it is time to change the theme of their rooms from babies to young ladies. They were looking for a suggestion from me in the direction of what kind of bedroom decor would take both of their rooms to the next step in the progression of their children's lives.

All I could think was child wall mural. So I went to work. My research found many interesting and unusual child wall murals that would go well with children the same age as Pete and Betty's girls.

I went online and browsed several of my favorite wall mural sites. The first site I explored had well over 250 child wall murals designed for young girls. This was almost too much to handle, but I remembered that the decision making was totally on Pete and Betty along with their two little girls. All I was doing is a little research before I replied with my thoughts of child wall murals for the kid's bedrooms.

The second website I browsed was quite different from the first. This site was dedicated to children's wall murals. This site had girl's wall murals in beautiful pastel colors of different topics such as painted flower designs, rainbows, magical under sea adventures, pastel unicorn, butterfly castle and Cinderella castle.

From the beginning I knew that this child wall mural idea of mine was going to be the perfect solution for Pete and Betty's children. I sent off an email to Pete and Betty. A few days later I got an email from them telling me that the child wall mural was a great idea. Before long I got another email from Pete and Betty, but this time they sent me pictures of the girl's rooms with their new child wall murals in place. They picked out two beautiful scenes and both rooms looked magical.

If you are thinking about updating the look of your child's bedroom, be sure to explore the possibilities of a child wall mural. These murals have the capabilities of transforming a child's bedroom into a gentile relaxing atmosphere that will open the imagination of all who enter the room.


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